Boro Yoga Fest

Boro Yoga Conference

September 23, 2017

Doubletree by Hilton

1850 Old Fort Parkway

Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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9am-11am Sessions

Meditation Made EZ led by Danny Brewington

Relax. Refresh. Discover methods of tapping into deep levels of the subconscious, for healing or opening to your creative talents. Discover methods of stimulating brain waves, priming your brain for meditation.

You think you can’t meditate? Is your life too busy, your schedule too tight? Your mind too cluttered? Do you make excuses as to why you can’t?  This class will dispel the notion that meditation is difficult. Through a few simple exercises you’ll discover it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Spread Your Wings and Fly: An Arm Balance Workshop led by Michelle Grandey
This two hour workshop will allow to explore some of the more challenging poses that often can’t get broken down in yoga class. Michelle will provide tips and tools to help you be confident and fearless. The workshop is accessible to all levels, from those just starting to fly to experienced flyers.

12pm to 2pm Sessions

Breath Anatomy & Pranayama led by Tracy Barbuto  (Yoga Alliance CEUs available)

Are you often confused in class when you are instructed to “engage your bandhas”?   Are you unsure of what your teacher means when she tells you to “connect to your yogic breath”?   Do you wonder what all of this means?  Are unsure if you are doing it correctly?  Do you want to know what you should be feeling? Breath and Bandhas play a very big role in our asana practices whether we realize it or not but unfortunately in most of our yoga classes there just isn’t time to really break these elements down.  Most of us don’t really have a clear understanding of the what, where, how, and why.

In this workshop we will dive deeply into the breath and bandhas.  You will learn how to deepen your practice from the inside out and leave with a much stronger foundation to continue to build your practice on. 

We will begin with an introduction and discussion on the breath and bandhas and then move into a dynamic, playful flow where we will apply these techniques in practice.

Back Bending Workship led by Kim Dunaway (Yoga Alliance CEUs available)

3pm to 5pm Sessions

Hip Openers led by Jennifer Craze  (Yoga Alliance CEUs available)

Having tight hip muscles can lead to misalignment of the hips, pelvis, and over arching of the lower back. The stress and activity of everyday life is often found lodged in the tightness and discomfort of our hips. This workshop will delve deeply into opening the hips, legs, and low back. You will learn healthy alignment in your body in a fun and playful way, and will leave having released your hips and feeling empowered to continue the opening in your regular practice.

Go Deeper with Assists (Hands on) led by Tracy Barbuto (Yoga Alliance CEUs available)

For teachers :Teaching off the mat can be a big obstacle to overcome for a yoga teacher.  Many of us begin as teachers by demoing most or all of our classes…Leading our students by practicing the postures along with them. During this two hour session we will learn skills and techniques through practice and discussion to help us move away from the security of our mats and into the flow of our classes.  Learn how to stop “leading” a class and learn how to “teach” individuals in a group setting. For students: Ever wonder if you are doing a pose “correctly” or do you feel stagnated in your practice wishing you could get deeper in your poses. This workshop with give you the opportunity to explore several foundation postures and get the most of your yoga practice.