Boro Yoga Fest

Conference Presenters

In 1987 Danny moved to New York City and quickly discovered that it was truly the city that never sleeps. He found himself lying awake at nights, unable to sleep, tormented by the constant chaos that lurked just outside his bedroom window. Quite unexpectedly, he discovered meditation, and soon found himself sleeping like a baby.

Now, with 30 years of study and practice, he enjoys great powers of concentration, breathing control, and expanded awareness. His understanding of meditation comes from a combination of philosophies, technologies, and various life experiences.  Without meditation, not only would sleep be elusive, but he is sure he would have ended up in the nearest insane asylum!

Danny currently teaches at Sanctuary for Yoga, Body, and Spirit in Nashville, Tennessee.

Tracy Barbuto, E-RYT 200

Tracy began practicing yoga in 2004. Her first experience with yoga was an Ashtanga class. After making her way through the primary series, she knew that this would be a lifelong practice. In 2006, Tracy completed her 200 hour Ashtanga teacher training through the Franklin Yoga Center and she has taught over 2000 hours of yoga since. Tracy is the director of Teacher Training at Sangha Yoga TN.

Although she loves all styles of yoga, Ashtanga is her passion because it makes sense to her on every level. Tracy believes the daily practice of yoga and the study of the eight limbs can and will transform your life.

Michelle, Grandey, E-RYT 200, YACEP

Michelle developed her love for yoga in Sept 2013 during her first class. She discovered a connection with herself through her breath and was able to calm her “monkey brain” and ease her body into new places that had felt stuck. After leaving her first class she began to study yoga on her own. She attended as many classes as she could and grew stronger mentally as well as physically. Yoga helped her find her roots and helped her to accept the things that were out of her control and overcome obstacles with injuries as well as relationships with herself and with others. After learning of her instructor relocating Michelle enrolled and completed in a 200 Teacher Training at Premanda Yoga School with Pedro Franco and studied Ayurveda with Katie Silcox.

Michelle’s teaching style is light hearted, playful, creative, and challenging including a combination Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and Restorative with the Anusara philosophy that life is a gift and we have an opportunity and an invitation to celebrate it in our yoga practice. She encourages everyone to find their own breath and flow with grace and bliss. Michelle feels that every student is a teacher and every teacher is a student and she is very grateful for every teacher and student in her life. Michelle opened Yoga Bliss in Sept 2016.

Jennifer Craze, E-RYT 500

Jennifer’s yoga path began in 2000 with her mentor Johnny Johns at Murfreesboro’s first yoga studio.  She completed a 13 month 1,000 hours yoga teacher training program at the Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors with Betty Larsen and John Charping in 2003.  She has completed numerous teacher trainings and has over 2,000 hours of yoga training to include Stephanie Keach’s Vinyasa Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy Foundations Program from the Desikchar lineage, Prenatal Yoga from the Iyengar tradition, and also Ayurveda training.

Her teaching is a fusion of yoga styles, incorporating the alignment principles from the Iyengar tradition to the fluidity of Vinyasa with sprinklings of a modified Ashtanga method.  Jennifer’s intentions for teaching are to cultivate an atmosphere for exploration and many opportunities for growth, empowering students to become the best version of themselves on and off the yoga mat.  She instructs class in a manner that is safe and effective. Her goal is to share the gift of yoga and make it accessible to everyone!

Kim Dunaway, E-RYT 200, YACEP

Kim started attending yoga at a low time in her life and now enjoy sharing the same uplifting light with her students. She did her  200 hr training at the Yoga Nest in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She loves learning and remains a student of yoga. In 2015, she  completed her  85 hour Prenatal & Postnatal training with Jessalynn Hakanson at Sanctuary for Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee where she is currently doing her 300 hour training. She teaches at Patterson Park Community Center and Gold’s Gym.